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Gritty Roadway Win Is Just Exactly What Seahawks Needed To Start Season

Numerous people will tell you that one of the terrific features of the NFL is the parity. Every season it seems like practically every group has a possibility to make the playoffs. Often teams will come out of nowhere and slip into the playoffs while other groups have disappointing seasons. Over the past numerous years about half of the playoff groups are different every year.

15) Miami Dolphins (2-1) - It's still prematurely to obtain too excited. As reviled as their offending line has been, they've just given up 2 sacks so far.

5) Cincinnati Bengals (3-0) - They are dominating time of belongings (35 to 25) and swarming on defense. It does not hurt when Carson Palmer is completing 71 percent of his passes.

Trent Richardson, Cleveland Browns - The Browns and Richardson are playing well Russell Wilson Jersey right now. Searching for their first 3 video game winning streak this season, KC will have their hands full.

15. (13) Arizona Cardinals (8-6) - They aren't looking great, but it doesn't matter in the NFC West. They still have another divisional game, however they could simply be preparing for the playoffs now.

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